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Patchouli Essential Oil

This oil has numerous health benefits which are mainly attributed to its potent properties. These properties are antiseptic, astringent, cicatrisant, antidepressant, diuretic, insecticide, tonic, sedative, insecticide, cytophylactic, antiphlogistic, febrifuge. This oil has been in use for many centuries as both an insect and repellent. It was particularly used in protecting people’s fabrics and clothes from insects. More research is still being undertaken to exploit the benefits of Patchouli essential oil . Nowadays it has turned out to be one of the most versatile oils, especially in the health sector. The following are the medicinal properties and benefits of this essential oil


This oil has antidepressant properties which make it useful in relieving depression. It is used in eliminating the bad feeling associated with loss or sadness. That is why this oil is used in aromatherapy to fill people with new hope. You can use this essential oil to uplift your mood level and drive away disappointment.


It is used in toning up the body by optimizing the metabolic functions such as absorption of nutrients and decomposition of food. It works by toning up the stomach, liver and the intestines. This is helpful in maintaining a healthy and a stronger body. Furthermore, this oil is used in regulating the secretion of enzymes and hormones which help in toning up of the nervous system thereby making the body more active and alert.


It helps in sedating coughs, epileptic attacks, convulsions as well as soothing inflammation. Being a powerful sedative and antidepressant this oil is beneficial to the body by keeping it relaxed and restful. This is a property which is helpful in improving the cognitive function, mood, and metabolic rates.


The powerful nature of this oil is useful in stimulating the contractions of the nerves, muscles, and skin. It plays a key role in strengthening and holding the gum on your teeth, preventing hair loss, sagging of the skin as well as the loosening of the muscle tissues. The astringency of this oil is also helpful in stopping haemorrhaging by facilitating the contraction of the blood vessels.



This oil has spicy, sweet and a musky aroma which is helpful in eliminating or masking the body odour. However, this oil should be diluted since it is very strong in pure form and it might affect the olfactory sense of some people. The pleasant smell of this essential oil has made it gain a lot of popularity in many cultural demographics and cultures. However, some people find the distinctive aroma of this oil as irritating.



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